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Butane Torch

$ 27.99

The kitchen tool you never knew you needed. Impress your friends, family, and significant other with your newly acquired culinary skills! The Vatelware Butane Torch was made for those who want to expand their culinary horizons and unlock a world of gourmet creations to explore and enjoy!


  • Child Safety Lock

  • Hand Protection Guard

  • Gas Gauge Window

  • Adjustable Flame Knob

  • 2,400ºF Flame (1,350ºC)

  • Piezo Ignition

  • Ergonomic Handle and Trigger

  • Up to 60 minutes usage

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Coming Soon

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About Our Founder and Mission

Hey! My name is Zach (If you can’t tell, yes, I am the guy on the right side), and I’m just an average guy who wants to create an above average positive impact in our world.

With that being said, let me hit you with a little reality I’m sure you all have noticed as well. I’ll start by saying this: the advancement of technology is an absolutely awesome thing, and it sure is a great time to be alive. However, with tech being so readily available and providing services such as online ordering and delivering of fast food (c’mon really?!) for example, I’ve watched people rely heavily on these kinds of services and have lost touch with the basics of what every adult should know! Cooking! Technology is a funny thing–it is solely responsible for connecting friends, family and even strangers, yet disconnecting us from each other at the same exact time.

I have always been a guy who liked to explore and learn new things, cooking being my latest interest. 


So join me, and let’s all level up our culinary game, together!

Zach Smith

CEO, Vatelware




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